Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour

Sukamade Turtle beach tour or Sukamade tour for you who want to see Turtle lays eggs at wildlife. The tour can start from Banyuwangi area or Ketapang Harbor as meeting point to start sukamade tour. Or can be joined with other tour package, so you can spend more time explore beauty of east java.

Sukamade Tour Itinerary

Day 01

Meet and greet with our team then we take you directly to Sukamade area and will overnight at simple lodge near sukamade beach. Along the way you can see rubber, coffee and cocoa plantations, and a small jungle. Also passing Pulau merah beach and Green bay beach. As a result we get more than 4 hours of off roads adventure. Upon arrivals you will discover the village are peacefull and far from common facility.

At 8 PM leaving your simple lodge then we will take you to Sukamade beach to start the sukamade tour. The local ranger will tell when there is any Turtles ready to lays eggs. After Sukamade beach night tour we back to simple lodge and rest.

Sukamade turtle beach tour
Release the turtle

Day 02

In the morning after doing sukamade tour last night, at 7 Am we take you back to sukamade beach and the ranger give us amount of baby turtle that ready to release, afterward we release the baby turtle at sukamade beach. done release baby turtle we going back to local lodge to take shower and breakfast. Then we take you to your next destination.

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