Bromo Midnight Tour

Bromo midnight tour visit bromo without stay at hotel near bromo. Start at midnight from Surabaya, Mojokerto or Malang. Pick up point can be Hotel, Airport, Train station or bus terminals.

Mount bromo sand of sea.
Mount bromo sand of sea.

Formerly a vast mountain, an eruption of massive proportions blew off its top, leaving a huge caldera in which two peaks are located. One is the active volcano of bromo, the other is the non-active mount Batok. Mount bromo is about 2.400 meters about sea level. Time has filled the caldera with the grey sand and this expanse, which you a cross en route to mount bromo it self that is known as the sand sea.

Bromo Midnight Tour Itinerary

Day 01

Upon pick up at 11 Pm, meet and greet with our staff and we take you directly to bromo area. To reach bromo area from Surabaya or Malang takes about 3 hours drive you can rest before arriving at bromo area.

Mount bromo Jeep parking point.

Day 02

Start at 3 am from our basecamp, with jeep we take you to Mount Penanjakan to start Bromo midnight tour. This mountain is known as the best spot to see the sunrise. After sunrise appears at 5 AM we take you down to caldera passing the “Sand of Sea” before visiting the Holy Mountain for the “Hindus” people.

You can walk or riding a Pony Horse to reach the top of Mount Bromo. After visit Mount bromo we take you to a local restaurant to breakfast then we drop you to your next destination.

End of Service.

Bromo midnight Extended Tour

After bromo midnight tour we also can visit Madakaripura waterfall, the waterfall lies beneath the mountain area of Lumbang on the way back after doing Bromo mountain. To reach the waterfall we need to use a motorcycle and walk about 2 kilometers.